Mucho viento

No copper coat applied yet. Nearly 60 knots of wind in the yard and a retreat to Monte Pego. 

Normally I am jumping up and down when it starts to get windy around 20 knots. But the last two weeks it has been continuously very windy, 30 knots and gusts up to 40. It has been resulting in not sleeping very well because of the noice and worrying if we are maybe falling over with the boat. The last thing is only me thinking that, David starts laughing when I start that conversation again.

We checked the wind forecast and we decided to see David’s parents in Monte Pego. The forecast was 50-60 knots and with this much wind you can not do much anyway. We were both very happy to leave the yard and have a break for a few days. I can tell you, a break at the Cummane’s feels like a luxurious holiday. Good food, white linen and relaxing with a lovely view to mountains and sea. After some delightful days we arrived back in the yard and Ker Marie was standing well on her chocks, but covered with a thick layer of sand. Free sand blast of 60 knots that was.

In my last blog I told you that we would apply the copper coat in the last two weeks. Well, it arrived but we haven’t applied it yet. David is trying to get the last bits of black anti fouling of the boat and it is very very hard work. He has been sanding and scraping and it is not pleasant for him at all. Additionally we decided to put an epoxy layer between the gel coat and the copper coat after we first said we wouldn’t. But why go through all this effort and not put an extra (osmosis) barrier in between? Well, exactly. But then comes the part which drives us nuts sometimes. Which exact product and brand? All of the choices we made so far includes so much deliberating because there is simply too much choice these days. Why can we not go back to the 80’s where you order a sales book of a company, get it through the post box and flip through the pages and choose instead of endless options on the internet. To be continued this one.

Furthermore we are in contact with B&G for our mast head unit and we have carried out several electrical tests on the main output which showed inaccuracies. Unfortunately it is likely the wind sensor needs replacement and we need to sent the whole unit off to B&G for repair. We also had two big boxes full of spares, in an emergency you do not want to search in a full box of different spares for the right part. So I have cleared them out and gave the parts all a logical space on the boat. The last owner liked his spare parts, we found 4 extra bow thruster props but no gearbox oil for the engine. He knew his priorities I guess.

Nerdy me loves nerdy jobs, and in the meantime I have serviced all the winches, I think this has never been done by the last owners, which means 24 years ago. Very nice to hear the sound of the pawls clicking solidly again. The rigging is the next big job but we think we might outsource this one because time is marching on. We did bring all our sails of to the sailmaker for new light grey uv strips, they are ripped at the moment, this will look very nice when we get them back.

The crew from “Zora” is back into the water again. Very happy for Sam & Rose. I think our faces were priceless when the crane was lowering their boat back into the water. When they left, mister Jonas from Sweden arrived in the boatyard. Jonas is not a major fan of Floyd, doesn’t have any anodes on his boat and loves milk. That last thing I have spotted in Mercadona, the supermarket, as subtle as I am. Great guy!

By the looks of things it will take some time before we are back in the water again. It all takes a bit longer then expected, but in the end it will be worth it.

Every day is different and everyday I love Ker Marie a bit more when working on her. I feel very grateful.

Many thanks for all the reactions I got from everyone, very much appreciated!



2 Comments on “Mucho viento

  1. Mooie blog weer Kel, super dat je deze weg zo bewandelt / bevaart :-). Geniet er lekker van topper! Ik blijf je volgen! X


  2. Lieve Kel, mooie blog weer! Super dat je deze weg zo bewandelt / bevaart :-). En geweldig dat je hier zo van geniet en dankbaar voor bent! Ik blijf je volgen! X


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