Sailing Ker Marie


No copper coat applied yet. Nearly 60 knots of wind in the yard and a retreat to Monte Pego. 

Normally I am jumping up and down when it starts to get windy around 20 knots. But the last two weeks it has been continuously very windy, 30 knots and gusts up to 40. It has been resulting in not sleeping very well because of the noice and worrying if we are maybe falling over with the boat. The last thing is only me thinking that, David starts laughing when I start that conversation again.

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First week in the yard

Sailing south to Almerimar from Denia. Being hauled out for the first time. Meeting great new people and a lot of work being done. You can read it in our first blog. 

We left Denia early on Friday morning after a last supper with David’s parents and hoist our sails to make passage to Almerimar, a town between Malaga and Cartagena. The sunrise was beautiful when we were just out on the ocean but unfortunately we had to motor quite a lot because there was not much wind.

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