Amazon overkill, packing & unpacking and reunited with Ker Marie in Almerimar.

Finally after five weeks we are reunited with Ker Marie and it feels so incredibly good!

Back in England we have spent days on end searching for parts and other materials on Amazon for our boat shopping list. Our list was very long but we have finally managed to finish it. I don’t think we can hear or pronounce the word ‘Amazon’ anymore after this, it makes us exhausted.

Besides being Amazon experts we have done some very nice things next to this; We had long walks with Floyd in the beautiful Devon & Cornwall countryside. We celebrated The Captain’s (David) Birthday. A lovely day and dinner in the restaurant we like to go to in the area. And we have visited our friends Phill, Hailey and the kids for the weekend in London, which was great to see them again.

But last Friday we left England and said goodbye to our beloved home. It was strange to leave, knowing that this might be the last time. We took the Ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff at 22.00h at night. When we arrived at the Ferry Port of Plymouth we were both exhausted because we have been packing a pallet and our car all day long. The car was so full that I had no leg space and Floyd was curled up in the boot. On the windy roads I have been unexpectedly surprised with stuff from behind me falling on my head, which Floyd experienced as well. Actually, being realistically, the driving speed was part of the factor that caused the stuff falling on top of our heads. David likes to think windy roads are like a race track. He sometimes even makes the sound without knowing it (this makes me giggle inside massively).

Generally I am not a massive fan of Ferries but this Ferry is different. You arrive at 22.00h, have a drink together and hit the bunk. And so we did. Luckily we were somehow upgraded and had a big room with our own porthole! You then arrive at 08.00h the next morning and you are fresh and ready to eat some miles. After 24 hours (we did some sleeping in the car and had long stops) we arrived in Almerimar. Both exhausted but as kids so excited to see the boat again, which looked so good. The copper coat is applied well and the polishing is like a mirror. Absolutely great!

This week David is replacing the seals in the prop shaft and then we are ready to go back into the water! Then it is time to pick up our sails with our new grey sun covers. In the meantime mister Steward is making us a steel frame for our solar panels, so hopefully that will be finished next week as well. When that is done we have to sort out one more last BIG thing; the rigging! Our plan is to sail up to Hyeres in France to have this let done by the Amel riggers. And then we are properly ready to sail the seven seas! We both can not wait.

This update is a bit shorter than normal, sorry, but there has been a lot of travelling and sorting things out. Again, Thank you all for your kind messages and following us.

I hope you all have a great day!


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